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I'm trying to make links dynamically where when you click them they reload the page passing an argument. Ala:
for($rankIndex = 1; $rankIndex <= 5; $rankIndex++) {
    echo($ranks[$rankIndex] . "<br>");
    while($memberNames[$rankIndex][$index] != "" && $memberNames[$rankIndex][$index] != "_DEFAULT") {
      $name = $memberNames[$rankIndex][$index];
      echo("<a href=$memberPage?profile=$name>$name</a><br>");

The problem is $memberNames[$rankIndex][$index] has more than one word. Like "Joe Schmoe" and it is only setting ?profile to the first part.. ala ?profile=Joe instead of ?profile=Joe%20Schmoe. How do I fix that? I kinda know whats wrong and have tried doing ?profile=\"$name\" but that just does ?profile="Joe. The $name as the link text works just fine, displaying the whole string. Any help is appreciated.

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You have to urlencode stuff in query strings in links.

But you don't have to urldecode it when it comes back in, it is automatically decoded by PHP, so


Will contain it already decoded.


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