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Little Coding Fox

Bitmap loading in opengl in c++ WITHOUT any libraries

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helo everyone! i realy need your help: i want to make a class for my game engine that loads bitmaps from file e.g (bool Bitmap::Loadbitmap(const char* filename, GLuint &texture) without any library like the AUX or SDL. Can you please help me?

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My own source that works with 24-bit bitmaps:
And one for targa if you need it some day (24 and 32-bit):

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Guest Anonymous Poster
if you're going to use a bitmap then you may as well step up and use a .tga because they support an alpha channel.

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Well, here's some code if it helps.. by the way, just replace the stream.get(), stream.read(), and so on with standard c library calls... for example.. stream.get() because fgetc(), read becomes fread(), etc.

Btw, here's some of the simple types
S8 - signed char (1 byte)
U8 - unsigned char (1 byte)
S16 - signed short (2 bytes)
U16 - unsigned short (2 bytes)
S32 - signed long (4 bytes)
U32 - unsigned long (4 bytes)

bool Bitmap::loadBmp( IStream &stream )
if (!stream.initialized())
return false;

S16 id;
U32 offset;
U32 headerSize;
U32 width, height;
U16 bpp;
U32 compression;
U32 dataSize;

stream.read(&id, sizeof(S16));

if (id != 'MB')
return false;

stream.seek(8, STREAM_CUR);
stream.read(&offset, sizeof(U32));
stream.read(&headerSize, sizeof(U32));

if (headerSize != 40)
return false;

stream.read(&width, sizeof(U32));
stream.read(&height, sizeof(U32));
stream.seek(2, STREAM_CUR);

stream.read(&bpp, sizeof(U16));

if (bpp != 24) // currently only support 24-bit bitmaps
return false;

stream.read(&compression, sizeof(U32));

if (compression != 0) // currently only support non-compressed bmp's
return false;

stream.read(&dataSize, sizeof(U32));

if (dataSize == 0)
dataSize = (width * bpp + 7) / 8 * abs(height);

stream.seek(-(S32)dataSize, STREAM_END);

mWidth = width;
mHeight = abs(height);

mData = new U8[mWidth * mHeight * 3];
if (!mData)
return false;

// read in data, flipping it as we read vertically, plus converting BGR -> RGB
U8 *p = mData + (mHeight - 1) * mWidth * 3;
U8 byte1, byte2, byte3;

// if mWidth is not a multiple of 4, then there is extra crap at the end of every line
S32 paddedBytes = (mWidth % 4) ? (4 - ((mWidth * 3) % 4)) : 0;

for(S32 y = 0; y < mHeight; y++)
for(S32 x = 0; x < mWidth; x++)
if (stream.eos())
return false;

// test for last pixel to read
if( y == mHeight - 1 && x == mWidth - 1)
int z = z * 65;


byte1 = (U8)stream.get();
byte2 = (U8)stream.get();
byte3 = (U8)stream.get();

*p++ = byte3; // swap BGR->RGB
*p++ = byte2;
*p++ = byte1;


// read the extra crap (align on 32-bit (4 byte) boundary)
for (S32 padCount=0; padCount<paddedBytes; padCount++)

// work bottom to top
p -= (mWidth * 3) * 2;

mFormat = BITMAP_FMT_24;
return true;

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