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[java] Mouse follow without easing

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I would like to know how to make something move with respect to the mouse's position without the use of easing. I currently use the formula: xvelocity = (mousex - objectx)/speed; objectx += xvelocity; yvelocity = (mousey - objecty)/speed; objecty += yvelocity; Thanks for your time

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I am sorry I don't think made myself very clear. What I wanted was an object to follow the mouse, but not aquire the mouse's position.
I wanted to have the object move topwards the mouse at a constant velocity, instead in a manner of decelleration as seen in my above example.
Anyway I have found the answer on the javagaming forums and if anyone is interested it is as follows:

float vx, vy, l;
vx = mousex - objectx;
vy = mousey - objecty;
l = Math.sqrt( vx*vx + vy*vy );

if( l <= speed )
{ // We are so close we get there in 1 turn
objectx = mousex;
objecty = mousey;
float scale = speed / l;
objectx += vx * scale;
objecty += vy * scale;

Thanks for your help though guys and thanks to crystal squid from

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