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How to detect simultaneous key pressing in win32?

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use a

bool keys[255];

and in you WndProc() function every time a keypress event fire just do this

keys[ASCII_CODE] = true;

and on keyup event

keys[ASCII_CODE] = false;

When you need to check for a key, just do this

// Check for the 'a' key
if (keys['a'])

With this method you cant check for a 'a' or a 'A' nor shift, alt nor ctrl keys... If you need this just Private Message me and i'll send you my cInput class which handles thoses keys.

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Two keys will never be pressed at "exactly" the same time. What you want to do is check the time of every event and decide on a maximum time interval between two events that you will call "simultaneous". You will probably want to use some input handler with interrupt-callback methods as opposed to a polled input handler.

Note: If you use a crusty timer like the standard windows timer you only have 33 millisecond accuracy so you're likely to get events happening at exactly the same time according to the windows clock here.

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in w32 your input is event driven, meaning since you will never press you keys at the same time you will never detect if 2 keys were pressed simultaneously

there are always a few ms between presses

so just create array as mentioned above and check if the booleans are true

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