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ID3DXFont with Thai Text

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When I try to display Thai text with ID3DXFont , I've got 'Access Violation' error. This is how I initiate the ID3DXFont
		MessageBox(handle,"Create Font Error","error",0);
		return FALSE;
and I use DrawText method to draw text :-
font->DrawTextW(NULL,L"Hi ... What's up ?",-1,&textRect,DT_LEFT|DT_TOP,D3DCOLOR_RGBA(0,0,0,255));
This is run fine, even I change the text to "·´Êͺ" . But when I change the text to "·´Êͺ¢éͤÇÒÁ" (notice the upper level charator 'äÁéâ·') , I got Access Violation Error. I have tried the managed DirectX version (with C#) , it run fine with no error. Of course , this is international community, and there are only few people here knows thai, but here is my last resort. If anyone have any comment or suggestion, please help me. Sorry for my not-so-good English (quite bad, actually ). ^^'

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