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I really Dont Undestand These Framerate Drops...

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So im writing an engioen for a puzzle game im making. below is some code that when it is executed per frame drops the fps from 340fps to 256.
	int vertexIndex = 0;
	D3DXMATRIXA16 matTot, matTrans, matScale;

	bgNode = &bgStart;
	bgNode = bgNode->next;

	while (bgNode)
		memcpy(&finalBuffer[vertexIndex], &bgNode->pBL->v[0], sizeof(bgNode->pBL->v) );
		vertexIndex += 36;
		bgNode = bgNode->next;

The linked list is 1000 nodes long, the stuff thats being copied using memcpy is 36 of these:
	float x,  y,  z;
	float tu, tv;

Is traversing linked lists this expensive. Also what worries me is that i need to render 36000 vertices after this is per frame and i dont think i can do it without it dropping below 100fps. Without the memcpy line the framrate barely drops. Are multiple calls to memcpy slow? Anyone have any ideas as to why its so slow. ace

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Original post by ace_lovegrove
Thanx for that, i feel silly.

I would have thought i would have worked that out

Similar questions come up quite often, so don't feel bad - a lot of people get caught out by this the first time they start taking note of their framerates.

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