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Videogame Presentation

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Hey everyone I will be giving a presentation on the videogame industry on Thursday Oct 7 at Rhodes College in Memphis TN from 6 to 8 pm. This presentation is gear to technology professionals who want to know more about the industry or people who are just generaly interested in the industry(hobbiest/startups/looking for a game job) The presentation will be broad. I cover be covering alot Some Topics Include: Game programming such as data base managment, rendering technology, middleware and such. Content Creation such as game engine intergration with 3dmax, sound design. How to start up/get up a job Since I will be covering alot I will not go into alot of technical detail(depending on the audience, I don't want to create the deer in the headlights stare) If any of you are close to this area feel free to come by. I will be giving away some free games and other stuff. Thanks Now I just need to find Rhodes College....

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