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VC++ 6 port to C# .NET + bonus problem

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Hello all, and thanx in advance for your time and efforts to help! I've got two different problems, here goes : 1. I've developed a C++ application using Visual Studio 6 - can I use that code somehow in a C# application I'm developing now, or should I export the code to a .dll and link to it ? ( The code is, essentially, a .3DS loading and rendering algorithm in OpenGL ) Since the code works in VC++ .NET, is there a way to use it in C# ? 2. I have a OpenGL component in C#, which draws a single object ( say a cube ). The rotation values of each axis should then be taken from three numeric updown components, which have two decimal places. I've typecasted the UpDown.Position value to GLfloat, but though no error or rotation comes out... ( if instead of the variable I use a number in degrees it works properly )... What gives ? Again, thanx for your assistance!

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