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Maya, .MA and .GE2 File Format

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Hi! I need to parse text file format exported from Maya - I can't do it with SDK because of what my customer needs. I'm trying to parse .MA at the moment. While reading vertices, edges, tex coord seems to be straightforward, getting textures bound to meshes is a big problem - I don't know connections between nodes. I came up with the idea to follow 'texture route up the stream' until I reach mesh node but it isn't a proper solution because I wouldn't know which texture is it(diffuse, specular etc) and which texture coords to use. Does anybody know how to cope with this problem? I would use OBJ but I'm obligated to support a number of tex coord sets and texture per mesh. I've just read about GE2 file format. Doeas anybody know of it could suit my needs described above?

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