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Alan Kemp

[web] Recommend some forum software?

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Hi, I need to intergrate a forum into an existing web site. Normally I would use PhpBB, but I need to use the existing sites username/password system (which runs through PHP sessions) to autologin to the forum (so people can only post as themselves, this is important). I have written small mods for PhpBB in the past so my original thought was just to hack in an autologin system, but after spending two hours tracing through the code I am still no where near figuring out where to start. Also, I dont really need all the stuff that PhpBB does (in fact I really DONT want private messaging, post counts, ranks, avatars or smilies). Could anyone recommend some forum software that I can easily adapt to my existing user/pass system? Or could someone point me in the right direction of hacking PhpBB to do this? Thanks for your time, Alan

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