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Any Experience with Irrlicict?

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regarding the pronunciation of irrlicht (which actually means fen fire, ghost light)


irr - means to stray, pronounced like in irrational
licht - means light, the pronunciation is kinda tricky for non-german speakers because of the ch which is a special sound. you can listen to the sound when you visit the following links:

irrlicht @ dict.leo.org

licht @ dict.leo.org

follow the orange p ("follow the yellow brick road!") on the right side (see pictar below) and you can listen to the licht-sound. [smile]
here's an example (hope it works though). it says: "helles licht" which means bright light...

as for the usage of irrlicht. i've worked with it, it's quite good, but i guess it depends on what you want to do with it. i personally dislike its vertex structure and some other weird things in the code, but these things are fixable. speaking of fixes, you should absolutely try IrrlichtNX. there are many improvements and fixes to the irrlicht engine. it's updated very frequently but it's available via cvs only.

(nonetheless i just wanted to mention that Nikolaus Gebhardt, the author of the irrlicht engine, has done a great job so far!)

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I used IrrLicht for a while, and I have to admit i did not see it at its best, as i was using an ongoing port to Mac OS X, but I was still impressed, especially as it is being developed by just one person.
While I liked the ease of use of the engine, I finally moved on because of IrrLicht's lack of flexibility, mostly in the materials framework, though I hear Nikolaus is in the middle of (may be done by now) a complete rewrite of materials code.

So by all means give it a try (but not on a Big-Endian system, just yet).

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