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Interpolating keyframes in a loop (3DSM)

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I'm not sure it's even possible, but I want to interpolate between keyframes through the end of the frame count. For example, say I have an animation that is 30 frames long. There is a keyframe on index 6, and a keyframe on index 20. The animation already interpolates from key 6 to key 20. However, there is no movement before frame 6 or after frame 20. The animation loops, so I want keyframe 20 to interpolate to keyframe 6. So the software would fill frames from 20->30, then 0->6 as if it were filling frames 20->36. Anyone know how to do this? If not, how do most of you handle this type of task? Just add temporary frames after index 30, then copy and paste them to the 0-6 section after the animation is finished? Seems like a lot of work for a simple task. Thanks much for any help.

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