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[.net] Moving away from VC++ 6 and confused.

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I say that .net has helped a ton on programming

the windows api is now object oriented and you can create a new window in one line of code

dim mainForm as new form1

and dll implementation can't get any easyer.

dim d3d9device as new microsoft.Directx.Direct3d.device

just include the dll as a reference and create it pretty much like any other object

I've tried to create an object oriented, multithreaded window that can be created in only one line in c++ but windows forms have taken over.

I really do think that visual basic has bennifited the most from going .NET

No longer is it tied to its unruly slow qbasic roots anymore... everything is just as powerfull as c++ since the .NET compiler would break it down into clr code. it is truly object oriented and I had instantly moved from programming in dos using c++ to the windows enviroment.

don't get me wrong. c++ is fast, powerful, and holy within the programming community, but if your planing to use the .net compiler. c# and even vb.Net are better canidates for game programming. You get the same bang for less buck sorta speak.

still into c++... it's ok. All .NET languages are interchangeable. You might like to still write your windows in a traditional c way (although I don't see the point in obscuring your game code with the windows sdk)and yet, you can access some directx library made in c# or vb.net.

microsoft has made sure everyone is satisfied with the .NET compiler, so I bet that once you know .net like the back of your hand, tranfering your thoughts into applications are near instantanious.

and sneftel it's the vs7IDE, not the vs6IDE

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Actually, it was QBasic that I learn the vast majority of how to program from. Then Visual Basic, and eventually when I became unsatisfied with it's speed and power (not to mention Microsoft didn't have DirectX supporting VB back then) I moved into C++. Now that Visual Basic is up to snuff, I almost feel like going back to it.

Oh, btw, after about 5 days of trying to figure out how to work with .Net, what has helped me the most is this url


I don't mean to keep bumping this thread, but I wanted to make sure that if someone else found this thread doing searches (which is how I find a lot of my solutions) that maybe they can benifet from that URL like I did. I'm now capable of solving my original problem with creating the device, at least concerning the third parameter of that call. (was just a simple OOP problem. I'm still not very good about OOP , never got much further then the struct)

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