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stupid question about HLSL

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Does this mean that if I write a program that uses solely HLSL for all 3D stuff and I develop it targeting shader version 2.0 (lets assume that 6800 is not yet released) I still can target shader version 3.0 (an 1.1 also) without any need to modify the program?

What's going to be the difference (visual) between the same shader compiled for v. 2.0 and v. 3.0?

... or maybe I'm asking the wrong question :) I want to know things before I waste too much time figuring them by myself. How is going the HLSL programmer notice the difference between the capabilities of the different shader versions?

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use the PixelShaderVersion and VertexShaderVersion caps bits to tell what version your card supports. You can then load the appropriate shaders.
Or if you write a basic shader targetting model 1.1/1.4 to do all your fx then you dont have to worry coz obviously faster cards will run them fine and I also remember that 1.1/1.4 is faster than 2.0 anyway (unless u REALLLLLLY need shader functionality).

"There are no stupid questions, eric, only stupid people"
--Mr. Garrison from south park..

haha Im jk.

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