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Predictable random numbers

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Hi all! I'm busy on random landscapes for my artillery game and wanted to use perlin noise for this. The problem is that the only pseudo random number generator I was able to find that takes inputs is the one below. It works fine, but I am not able to seed it, since all the large numbers in it are prime numbers and I can't seem to find a way to produce a prime number from a ordinary number the client uses as seed. The formula below will only produce satisfactory results with prime numbers :(. Is there an other formula, or function in c that I can use to generate a different landscape every time (seeded) but that still lets me ask for the value at (x), or the value at (x, y)? Or do I have to make a table, which I think is a bad solution... Thanks, Marty Here is the generator I found:

float Noise1D(int x) // returns a random number between -1 and 1 that will be the same each time the same x is used as input.
	x = (x<<13) ^ x;
	return (1.0f - (float)((x * (x * x * 15731 + 789221) + 1376312589) & 0x7fffffff) / 1073741824.0);    

float Noise2D(int x, int y) // same as above, but takes x and y.
	int n = x + y * 57;
	n = (n<<13) ^ n;
	return (1.0 - (float)((n * (n * n * 15731 + 789221) + 1376312589) & 0x7fffffff) / 1073741824.0);    

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