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DX Cam-Matrix

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Hi everybody... i just cleaned up my code, and so i reviewed my Cam-Calculation.... (..."ripped" from DX-SDK) the last row says: -position*right -position*up -position*front 1 (don't know the (* = dot-product) i was wondering... hmm.. the last row is used for translating the world by the negative camera-position... reviewing my old software-engine and 3d-theory-docs... all with the same result: the 4th row should be -pos.x -pos.y -pos.z 1 (and it worked well im my soft-eng) i thought a while about the dot-product, but haven't a clue why it must be the dot-product instead of the position... well... using the DX-way and given up=0,1,0 front=0,0,1 right=1,0,0 would result in -pos.x -pos.y -pos.z 1... hmm.. don't get it... thanks for your help Torsten Edited by - rtime on 10/2/00 10:57:25 PM

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