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the error information is as following, I don't understand it. Who can explain it for me. Thanks in advance. error X5775: Dependent tex-op sequence too long (4th order). A 1st order dependent tex-op is a tex[ld*|kill] instruction in which either: (1) an r# reg is input (NOT t# reg), or (2) output r# reg was previously written, now being written AGAIN. A 2nd order dependent tex-op occurs if: a tex-op reads OR WRITES to an r# reg whose contents, BEFORE executing the tex-op, depend (perhaps indirectly) on the outcome of a 1st order dependent tex-op. An (n)th order dependent tex-op derives from an (n-1)th order tex-op. A given tex-op may be dependent to at most 3rd order (ps_2_0/x only).

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