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CTreeCtrl - help!!!!

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Hi ppl! The question of the day is - how to find out if any spesific item in CTreeCtrl was clicked?... MSDN has "common controls" example, it suxx azz and i don''t really know what to do now... anyways. my code: CTreeCtrl m_tree; HTREEITEM Resourses=m_tree.InsertItem("Resourses"); HTREEITEM Snd=m_tree.InsertItem("Sounds",Resourses); HTREEITEM Anim=m_tree.InsertItem("Animations",Resourses); m_tree.InsertItem("Lead In",Snd); m_tree.InsertItem("Responce",Snd); m_tree.InsertItem("Anim List",Anim); ok, so how to find out that i clicked for example "Responce" node?... Please ppl, help, i''m completely lost.

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