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newbie quiz help

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Hi there, i start by greeting all of you, as this is my first time here. I have just started c++ and i'm trying make a quiz for pratice. I want the quiz to be multiple choice, a b and c. I'd also like the questions to be random, so not always the same order. What kind of structure should i start with? I've been studying for a few days, but it's still all a big blur for the moment. Don't know where to start or what method I should go with. I thought about using functions for each questions and randomly calling one. Does that make any sense? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Okay, if you've got to classes already in your learning then you could try this, if not i'd recomend you keep playing around with the examples in your book/course until you do.

You can creat a class to reresent a question something like this

class Question
// I'll leave you to fill in the code for these methods,
// after all it's half the fun!

// Constructs a new question with mQuestion set
Question( std:string questionText );

// Adds a possible answer, the boolean is used to determine
// whether this is the correct answer or a fake one
// it should check that there is not already a correct answer
// if this boolean is true.
void AddAnswer( std::string answer , bool correct );

// Displays the question in a random order
// you may need to store the order so that you
// can validate the users answer later
// You may need to add a parameter so the question
// knows where to display the question ( it could be the
// console , a window , or anywhere )
void ShowQuestion();

// Checks to see if a user input is correct
// Will need to reference the stored values in showquestion
bool IsCorrect( int userGuess );

std::string mQuestion;
std::vector<std::string> mAnswers;

int mCorrectAnswerIndex;

When you start your program you can create a bunch of these ...
Question q = new Question("What is 2+2?");
q.AddAnswer( "6" , false );
q.AddAnswer( "4" , true );

... and add them to some global array or vector of questions..

std:vector<Question> globalQuestions;


globalQuestions.push_back( q );


Then , when you've set up plenty of questions ( you could load them from an xml file for example ) your main loop looks like this

while 1
int i = rand() % globalQuestions.Count(); // i think it's count
// but i've been
// using .net collections recently


// get user input, use cin maybe
int a;
cin >> a;

if ( globalQuestions.IsCorrect( a ) )

Of course you'd not use a while 1 loop and you'd have to keep track of which questions had already been asked etc. But you should have enough to keep you going. Welcom to C++

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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
const int NUMBER_OF_QUESTIONS = 3;

char *questions[NUMBER_OF_QUESTIONS][4] =
{ "How many in a dozen?",
"a. 9",
"b. 10",
"c. 12",

"What is 2 + 2?",
"a. 2",
"b. 5",
"c. 4",

"How many inches in a foot?",
"a. 36",
"b. 18",
"c. 12"};

char answers[] = { 'c', 'c', 'c' };

char answer;

for(int i =0; i < NUMBER_OF_QUESTIONS; i++)
cout << "\nQuestion " << i+1;
for(int j = 0; j < 4; j++)
cout << "\n" << questions[j];

cout << "\nAnswer: ";
cin >> answer;

if (answer == answers)
cout << "Correct!" << endl;
cout << "Sorry." << endl;

return 0;

That's how I would do it. Then you can just add some rand() calls to mix up the order of the questions (instead of just going through them like I did)

Hope it helps!

- heap

Edit: You should know I'm new to C++ as well. I'm pretty good with C though! I'm glad Keem presented an OOP solution as well ;)

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Thanks a lot for the quick answer guys. The classes are the next thing in my book, so i'll study your examples. Looks good though, even if i read this as fast as I read Chinese right now :)

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Always glad to help. Really, these are amongst my favorite types of posts because they give me the opportunity to try and solve a new problem. I often have trouble coming up with them on my own!

Just out of curiosity, what book are you using? I'm using C++ Primer Plus, which so far seems pretty good. A lot of side notes for C programmers, which is a plus for me.

- heap

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Listen to Keem, the design there is pretty good. Of course, you'll have to figure out how to write the methods.

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I'm reading Stroustrup "The C++ programming language". But I think it's a bit advanced for my taste. Still lots of grey areas in my understanding.

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