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Texturing A Mesh (Managed)

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I have a Mesh object I've created and am rendering into my DirectX scene. I'd like to add a texture to it real time. Does anyone have any example code? int numVertex = targetMesh.SystemMesh.NumberVertices; CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured[] verts =(CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured[]) targetMesh.SystemVertexBuffer.Lock( 0, typeof( CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured ), 0, targetMesh.SystemMesh.NumberVertices ); VertexBuffer vertexBuffer = new VertexBuffer( typeof( CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured ), numVertex, device, Usage.WriteOnly, CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured.Format, Pool.Default ); device.SetTexture( 0, texture ); device.SetStreamSource( 0, vertexBuffer, 0 ); device.DrawPrimitives(PrimitiveType.TriangleStrip, 0, numVertex); targetMesh.SystemVertexBuffer.Unlock(); This is what I'm doing now and it's not working. Thank you.

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