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Ruining it for everybody

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This is actually an instance of a much larger problem. RIAA vs Napster: boiling down to pirates vs. legitimate users, but knee jerk reaction to abuse is to just shut it all down. Also, some amount of hopelessness that everyone is a bad person (pirate). Large Corporations vs. Intellectual property: People want to own their own ideas, and are afraid to give ideas away for fear of them being taken by Large Corporations. Corporations constantly buy ideas from owners, and "owners" by law are rarely inventors. Good ideas get lost due to fear of theft from inventor or would-be inventor. This same basic structure of struggle is as old as mankind itself, and represents the struggle between opposing forces. For every ounce of positive thought, there is some amount of opposing or destructive thought. With regards to all of these issues, the most important thing is to maintain the notion that in the end, all will be well, and whatever bad things may happen will pass, and goodness will prevail. Of course this is all philosophy, and we might as well be screwed sooner rather than later (ice caps melt for example). But, every measurable amount of thinking on part of the righteous helps further the cause of those who wish to create rather than to destroy. NeHe is a creator and a better man than I. He gives much more than he receives. The end. -- - anon

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