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Can this be done with tk button widgets?

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Not sure if this is more appropriate for the Unix forum, but anyway... I've just started playing around with tcl/tk and I can't find any solutions to what seems like a simple task. I want to create a window consisting solely of a number of buttons. The clicking of these buttons should all run the same program, but each button varies by the single argument passed to the program. Here's what I have so far:
#!/usr/bin/wish -f

foreach arg {servo crow joel} {
    button .$arg 
            -text $arg 
            -command {exec myProgram $arg} 
    pack .$arg             
(ignore any typos or syntax errors - I copied this by hand but the original runs without syntax errors) This creates a three-button window, and clicking on any of the buttons does run the program (execute the command associated with the button), but my problem is that $arg in the command is not resolved until the button is clicked, rather than at the command assignment inside the loop, as I want. So it always evaluates to the last value in the list ("joel" in this case). Does anyone know how to associate the "myProgram <properArg>" command with the buttons, other than hard-coding each one?

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