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glaux.h (yes I know)

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I know it's outdated, but I need to find gluax.h because dev cpp hasn't got it, and I need it for the tutorial I am presently working my way through. I know that this probably gets posted all over the place, but damned if i can find anything. Please help me so I can move on.

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Ok, the link from that link was broken, but i eventually found it elsewhere. So neways, i go to compile and i get a whole list of errors. Here's the log, please help.

Compiler: Default compiler
Building Makefile: "D:\Program Files\Dev-Cpp\My Programs\openGL\Makefile.win"
Executing make...
make.exe -f "D:\Program Files\Dev-Cpp\My Programs\openGL\Makefile.win" all
g++.exe lesson01/MainGL.o -o "openGL.exe" -L"D:/PROGRAM FILES/DEV-CPP/lib"

lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x49):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glViewport@16'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x58):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glMatrixMode@4'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x60):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glLoadIdentity@0'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x8e):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `gluPerspective@32'

lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x9d):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glMatrixMode@4'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0xa5):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glLoadIdentity@0'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0xba):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glShadeModel@4'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0xe5):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glClearColor@16'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0xf2):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glClearDepth@8'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x101):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glEnable@4'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x110):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glDepthFunc@4'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x127):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glHint@8'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x144):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glClear@4'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x14c):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `glLoadIdentity@0'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x28c):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `wglMakeCurrent@8'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x2c7):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `wglDeleteContext@4'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x98f):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `ChoosePixelFormat@8'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0x9f3):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `SetPixelFormat@12'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0xa42):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `wglCreateContext@4'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0xaa4):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `wglMakeCurrent@8'
lesson01/MainGL.o(.text+0xe35):MainGL.cpp: undefined reference to `SwapBuffers@4'

Execution terminated

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Ahhhhhhhhh. Thanks alot. I thought it might be something like that, but there aren't a lot of tutorials around that teach you things THAT basic. I'm sure I'll work it out eventually tho.

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ok, i linked the opengl32.lib, and glaux.lib and glu.lib too, just to be on the safe side, however i still get errors (although a lot less of them).


Any idea what file i am missing now? Maybe the files are just outdated? does anybody know what the last version of gluax was?
I realise this is getting trivial but you've all been a great help.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
hmm... maybe. That would make sense, but I have windows.h included.... is there a library i should link? :S I wouldn't have thought so, since devcpp has it in it's basic opengl demo...
It just has the -lopengl32 flag in the linker thingy. So i added that just to be on the safe side, incase something funky was happening, but no luck. I have these included:


And these in the linker bit:

Once again, thanks for all your help.

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