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How to do a blit (specific)

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i''m writing a surface class for dos screen mode 13h. i am having trouble with my blit function. I wrote one that clips on a rectangle basis, in BASIC a long time ago, but it didn''t support receiving source rects. can someone show me how? this is what is accessible to the function. class CSurface { ... void Blit (int iDestX1, int iDestY1, CSurface lpSrcSurface, int iSrcX1, int iSrcY1, int iBlitWidth, int iBlitHeight); ... int iWidth, iHeight byte *lpSurfaceData ... }; i''ve taken a long, hard look at the blit function presented in windows game programming guru''s by l''amothe, but i can''t seem to mold it to work for what i need. i am very irked about this. it seems that whenever i try to apply myself to this problem, i just can''t think straight. So, i have decided to ask for help. Hopefully, someone out there knows how to do this, because i am desperate. it''s driving me nuts. well, thanks. farmersckn

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