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Would Anyone Be Able To Throw Some Ideas Into My Empty Pot?

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Hi, I need inspiration involving picking. But this isnt the usual 'how do i pick' thread, ive done it before. Im actually interested in how i would do picking regarding where the data lies. I have a buffer with data describing cubes, in groups of 36 vertices and i want to scroll through this buffer and test each cube for collision. The problem is, what is the best way of doing it. a) Do i go by the method i know, which is to use a mesh and use the D3DXIntersection() function to do the picking. This would involve copying data from the buffer into a mesh (the size of 1 cube) and then testing, this is painfully slow, since im talking about a maximum of 1000 cubes. This method per frame would be silly. b) Do i write a function to test the intersection of a ray with a triangle and test each cubes triangles like that. I have had a horrible time trying to work out and research the maths for this, even though i have found tutorials. The code samples are often terrible. c) I'm not quite sure how the D3DXIntersectionSubset() function works. Does it mean that u can test for intersection with different parts of a mesh, or does it mean a subset as in mesh->DrawSubset()?. d) Is there any other way? Any help is appreciated, ace

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