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A game that is fun to play

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Well... that depends on what mood I'm in.

I like Quake III because it's fast pace and I you don't really have to think to hard.

I don't find UT2004 very fun, I'm not sure why, perhaps it's a bit slow. See the thing about Quake is, you run, pick up a rocket launcher and shoot.

Games are also fun when you can relate to the characters in the game. I'm not sure if you've played Painkiller, that's fun for exactly 46 seconds.

Games that I found fun are:

Quake III
Tomb Raider
Doom 3
Warcraft 3
Age Of Empires

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Guest Anonymous Poster
You wont get many replies because the question is too vague and open ended to have much meaning. There are too many people who like different things, too many games that offer different things and too many things that can add to or subtract from the quality of game play.

You are asking people to describe what is good about every game for every person, it is just to big. Of course people could give just one example but many wont because it doesn't answer the question you asked.

You will get a better response if you ask more focused questions.

For the record
i. Good controls - Game install/load through menu and into game play controls should all be as intuitive as possible. Full explanations should be provided where necessary (assume minimal user knowledge). User should attain a state of unconscious competence.
ii. Depth of gameplay - Introduce new features throughout. Add new twists to existing features and combine previous features to add depth.
iii. Good learning curve - Introduce new features throughout the game. Remember that the player will need time to learn the controls and so early difficulty levels must be very low.
iv. Side with the player - People like games they do well at while computers don't mind losing. You should always structure the game to favour the player rather than the computer.
v. Consistent reality - The player will accept even the most bizarre situation if it is part of a consistent reality. Inconsistent changes to the rules of existence will cause player annoyance.
vi. Attention to detail. - small details are important. If something does not work right go back and fix it. If it isn't worth fixing then it probably should not be in the game.

Dan Marchant
Design & Development Consultant

AP until they fix the stupid repeated login business

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To favour the player I have an idea of player previlegues that makes the game fun to play for the player.
I mean the player should have benefits like the players weapon projectiles search it's enemy targets when the computer players weapon's projectiles don't search it's target
and the player can be immortal when the computer player can't, it's like player cheats to favour the human player.

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what about silly humor in games? is it fun?

what game features is fun to have?
I enjoy playing strategy game like Tiberian Sun and Red Alert where I can sweap the map from all enemies and also all other destroyable obejcts like civilian people, cars and building.
cleaning the map empty, destroy/remove everything that can be destroyed.
What do you like for game features?

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To me, fun is defined in the following areas:
  • Graphics. Is it pleasing to the eye? Are there cinematic scenes that blow my mind away and keep me searching for more, or is everything a droll boring landscape?
  • Sound. This is overlooked by most people. But I want a game that is fun to listen to. If it has crap music/bad sound effects, I won't listen, and I won't become immersed. You know good music when you hear it.
  • Controls. This is more a limiting factor: if the controls suck, I simply won't play the game. The controls have got to be well laid out, or (at least) customizable, so I can fix them.
  • Content/Gameplay. This is the broadest. Plot, unit and skill diversity, generally everything that doesn't fall into one of the above categories. Do I identify with the characters? Do I want to learn and see how the story progresses? Or am I just so driven into a blood-lust I can't put the controller down (mmm... BF1942...)?

Generally, a game can still be a good game if its lacking in one of the above. Do you think Starcraft has good graphics, compared to modern games? No. Yet people still play it (guilty) because the gameplay is so darn good.

However, if a game is lacking one and cannot make up for it, then (most likely) it won't be very successful. Period.

So you may "rate" games differently. But this is my method. [grin]

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You should search the forums for this, it has been asked a zillion times, I think even I did :p

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