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Direct3D: render to Overlay surface

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Hi all, I'm new here, seems to have a lot of knowledges to exchange! I'm developing a video/fx software that display on an overlay surface, this way I can synchronize Flipping on the VBL and avoid being in exclusive mode. Now I developed a 3D engine with a lot of shaders/render targets etc. Very powerfull. My questions: 1- first problem is how to display the 3D output on this overlay. It doesn't work if I give in CreateDevice the handle of the overlay window. I read in this forum that we would be able to lock overlay back surface and d3d back surface and blit from one to the other. In this case would the blit be software ? (I need a high framerate and can't get the upload penality) 2- the second problem is (I think) a ridiculous Direct3D limitation. I want to display the 3D engine output on the first monitor in a small preview window and the second one on the second monitor, fullscreen. I consider the graphic adapter is dualhead. If there are 2 boards, I won't display the preview. I read in the topic Multihead of the doc, that when using 2 swap chains I could display two times the rendering, but if they are both fulscreen !!! (the hardware doesn't have this limitation) Would there be a way to do that ? A way to share a texture between 2 D3D devices ? Thanks guyz, msdn newsgroups are not so active when something becomesa bit too specific. Matthieu

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