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Non-Syntax related programming books

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Hi, I'm learning Java and I've purchased 3 books: .: Beginning Java 2: SDK 1.4 Edition .: Objects First with Java: A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ .: A JFC Swing Tutorial Whilst all these books are good for teaching syntax, they don't teach General Programming methods, techniques and tips which I feel are just as, possible more, important as syntax. Can anyone recommend any books which are good for teaching programming methods, techinques and tips rather than syntax, preferably one which doesn't relate to syntax from any language other than Java. Thanks in Advance TomX

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A few that come from the top of my head are:

-Design Patterns-Elements of reusable object-oriented code
teach alot about Object Design.

-Extreme Programming Installed
showed me a working development methology with an emphasis on working, early & often releases, that goes together with testing, simpleness of code and communication.

-Code Complete
an awful lot of practical programming wisdom

-The pragmatic programmer (didn't read this, but I am told that it is very good)

These have been the most important books I ever buyed. Just a look into Design Patterns suddenly cleared me of tons of questions I had since I first bought a C++ book and thought, "Objects, ok. BUT WHY? AND HOW?".

Of course, in programming, questions only disappear to regather and call in reinforcements ;)

Hope that helps a bit


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