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working on an AI chatbot

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But I can't seem to find the code to access a chat server such as yahoo. anyone know of where to find source code as an example on how to join, send and receive in a yahoo chatroom on yahoo servers, or maybe even IRC instead. if you have coded a chatbot for example and share your code I'd be willing to share the AI code with you (although I haven't completed it yet) thanks all

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Original post by Mushu
wheeeeeeeeeeeee A whole directory.

Isn't google great! [lol]

what the? I spent hours on google last night and found only 1 or 2 that used some obscure GDK for development which i idnt want to get into. I had no idea there even wa such a thing as a directory on google! thanks Mushu!

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Heres a really simple bot for you, its called Parrotbot. it learns like a parrot.

It basically looks in 2 arrays, one of questions and one of answers.

it does two passes in those arrays, those are:

look through the questions array and if there is an exact match with the users input, then output the coresponding answer and exit

look throught the questions array, now for the first N characters of the question, compare it to the users input. if it matches then output the corresponding answer and exit.

And if you haven't exited yet after those passes then:
Add an extra element to the questions array, and put the bots last responce in it.

add an extra element to the answers array, and put the users input into it.

you then choose a random answer from the answers array and output that.

If anybody wants it, i have the source code (and setup for), parrotbot, just ask.

Edit: Click here for install & source code

Nice coder

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