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Dealing with memory leakage

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I've been playing with Snort recently and seeing how well it works as a DLL to another application to evaluate traffic in a non-realtime scenario. I built it from source and then ran it through BoundsChecker. I was floored by how many memory leaks it was catching - something on the order of 91,000. I was a bit of a skeptic, so I used the CRT's debug heap features, and it caught somewhere on the order of 200,000 leaks when processing a small, randomly generated packet. Either I am doing something very wrong here, or it is leaky as hell. Now, if I still want to use Snort, could I unload the DLL after a set amount of time to force the heap to be cleaned up, then load it again? I'm wanting something equivalent to a process closing and the heap being cleaned up, except there is a library installed. If it is really that leaky, all I have to say is they should be banned from using C.

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