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Water Effect

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Guimo    463
Hi all, I want to leave the precreated water in my game as it looks too fake. I want to create a water effect, like the one in Farcry, where the water reflects the background in a wavy pattern.... like: Now, is obvious the polygon is just a big flat square over all the scene. The scene is projected over that flat polygon. Thats easy. What I want to know is how they deform the picture into that wavy pattern. My idea: a. Consider the water surface like a mirror. Easy. b. Render the scene into a texture from a 'mirrored' point of view about the surface. Easy. c. Process the texture into a wavy pattern. This process is affected by time. HARD d. Render the water using that texture. Poligon is 50% transparent. Easy. Water ready! Now... how do I manage that animated wavy effect image processing. Any idea? Luck! Guimo

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