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Windows virtual key - string name

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aftermath    100
Does anyone know how to translate Windows virtual key codes into strings (i.e.: VK_SHIFT => "Shift", VK_NUM9 => "Num 9") without having a large table and writing the strings myself? There is the function MapVirtualKey but it seems to give me whack results. Does anyone know if there is any already-written code out there that does this? Thanks a pantsfull!

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IFooBar    906
MapVirtualKey dosen't give you a string for your virtual key. It gives you a scan code corresponding to the virtual key code.

You can probably do what you want by using '#' and a bit of indexing..

#define STR_VK_HELPER( vk ) (#vk)
#define StrVK( vk ) StrVK( STR_VK_HELPER( vk ) )
const char* StrVK( const char* vk )
return vk + 3;
// Or put it into a string and return that.

// All characters will of course be capitalized, you can
// uer the tolower/toupper to fix that though if you must.

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Extrarius    1412
MapVirtualKey and GetKeyNameText might perhaps do it, or is that what you've already tried without success?

IFooBar: The problem with that is that it only works if you make a table of every VK_ code. You can't do something like StrVK(VariableThatHoldsTheVirtualKeyCodeThatTheUserJustPressed).

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