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DaeMoohn    126
Hi, I'm quite a newbie in graphic programming. I use DirectX 8.1b SDK, and I have a question. It is possible to create a transparent windglass, that can reflect a part of the image, and has support for lensflare effect? I mean you can see thru the glass, but also your image is reflected. Initially, I thought I have to use pixel shader tehniques.

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Mushu    1396
Yes, it is possible. But not easy.

If you want to do an easy reflection, I'd suggest you look at the reflections done in the point sprite example of the SDK: basically they render the particle system twice: once "under" the ground, then they render the ground over it, slightly transparent so the particles can be seen, then the "normal" ones are rendered. This creates the reflection effect, because you can see the particles twice. You should look at the SDK sample for a better understanding.

You could probably implement this for a glass reflection - just you'd have to make the reflection object semi-transparent too since you're looking through the glass.

Or you could look up the article on VCP reflections, but that's slow as molasses. This way is faster and easier!

Good luck! Experimentation will eventually yield good results! [wink]

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