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MFC and DirectX

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Hola to all, hope for someone who may help me understand something, so the question, i'm creating an mfc based game tool, but as i already know i'm new with mfc programming, i can't thing a way to pass dialog parameters to the viewer class and back to the dialog, so for instance, i've a class CMainViewer public of da CView and CGraphics engine and one class CToolParmsDialog public of CFormView with a main TabCtrl controlling other 8 dialogs where i set and modify engine various parameters, when i hit upon a toolbar button, i get the message from the viewer class and execute the related function to setup a parm or create an env, i'd like to notify and update the modified parameter and/or the environment created to the dialog class and viceversa, hope i was been enough clear!!! i read a tut where it make use of the getpane method to setup a pointer to the other class.............! thanx in advance [Edited by - giuseppeCT on September 30, 2004 6:49:42 AM]

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