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Pointers to functions

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Hermes    144
Hi i have an array of pointers to functions in a class called Node,but i use many nodes and the functions are the same ;since speed is important i need to know a way to use that array as static(only one instance for all the nodes)but i don't know how to use the constructor to build my static array.Is the global array the only solution??.The functions are also members of the class. Thankx for your help!

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Cygon    1219
It is possible to have a static function pointer to a class method in your class. Check out this example:
// Your .h file

class Node {
typedef (Node::*displayPtr)(const char *);

// Call the function pointer on this instance
int test() {
return (this->*display)("hello world");

// Set function pointer to first method
static void useCout() { display = &Node::displayCout; }
// Set function pointer to second method
static void useMessageBox() { display = &Node::displayMessageBox; }

// The function pointer
static int (Node::*display)(const char *);

int displayCout(const char *msg) {
cout << msg << endl;
return 0;
int displayMessageBox(const char *msg) {
return MessageBox(NULL, msg, "Message", MB_OK);

// Your .cpp file

Node::displayPtr Node::display = &Node::displayCout;

int main() {


However, I think you should really look into polymorphism, because it solves the exact same problem, but isn't nearly as complicated as working with pointers to class methods.


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