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What are some good books on C# related to game programming? I've found these two books, are these good and are there any other good ones? -Beginning .NET Game Programming in C# -Managed DirectX 9 Kick Start I'm an experienced Java programmer, and am going through a crash course in learning C# basics at the moment. Thanks.

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Actually if you already know java you got a nice edge on C#. As the syntax in both languages is very identical. However there are a few differences..

java uses import to bring in a library
C# uses using.

Java: import java.util.Scanner;

C#: using System.Sockets.Net;

Then there are the library differneces. I beleive the C# libraries are much more robust then the java ones.

Another small difference in C# is that use can drop into unsafe code and use pointers if you absolutly have to. In java you can't do that.

So basically if you know java you got a good edge on C# as the syntax is really close. There may be some minor modifications but barely any at all.

As for books it all depends on what graphics api you are looking into. 98% of all books related to games are done with C# and DX9.

The Book Managed DirectX 9 Kick Start should be a great book to learn from. If you don't know Tom Miller the author of that book is one of the lead Designers and Developers of DirectX so he should know what he is talking about. I never looked into the book so not sure how it is writen but I do know it has plenty of good examples in it. And covers just about every topic needed. Also in that book he takes you thought the development of a game.

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You could do with looking up a couple of C#-specific features, such as events/delegates and properties.

If you want to learn C# and game development I recommend finding a good book or selection of online tutorials and download the .NET Framework 1.1 SDK and SharpDevelop. This should get you up and running at minimal cost.


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