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Help, windowed application slooooooow

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Help me, i''m going crazy!! Every OGL application that i launch in window mode, it''s really slow. With a simple cube non textured, that roteate on 1 axis, i get 1 frame every 3-4 sec My configuration is this: Celeron 600 G400 32Mb 64Mb Ram I have this prblem from only a couple of days, i hacen''t installed nothing om my pc.

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Damn you OttoDisk !!!
I have/had the same problem ! It happens sometimes, not always... right ? When you reboot problem vanishes, right ? Actually, nobody could help me ( check my posts called : performance , or other ones )
I have riva tnt2 and amd k6-2 350 ...
What I did ? Gave up ! I recently ( a month ago ) reinstalled my system, but unfortunately I did code anything ( holiday ) so I cannot tell if problem dissapeared !

But I let you know !
If you find a solution, drop me an email...


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I''ve got the solution :D
For my case it''s the depth color that enable or disable ogl hardware acceleration.
At 16 bit it''s enabled
at 24 bit it''s disabled
at 32 bit it''s enabled

Now i''ve changed from 24 to 32 bit, and all is very faaast
Tnx all, byez

Pet, try to see if this work for you..

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