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Dynamic Lightmapping + Texture Coords

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Hya, I would like to do dynamic lightmapping in my engine - what I mean is multiple light maps per face. I don't want to blend the light maps so that I can change the colour / turn them off at run time. However, I'm having trouble working out how to store the textures efficiently and create the texture coords. If I store the textures really efficentley (I was going to split the texture in to a quadtree-like structure) then for each light (light map) the texture co-ordinates are going to be different. The only way I could get around this is to have a texture co-ordinate matrix for every face for every light map and that sounds really intensive at run-time. Otherwise I could use one set of texture coords but my textures couldn't be stored as efficiently and multiple textures would have to be used for the same lightmap increasing passes. Has anyone got any suggestions Thanks Matt

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