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dxDump, simple DirectX debugging tool

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Hi all, I've written a simple tool that is able to dump the actual render states, texture stage states and samler states into a log file (that is, it deciphers the numeric value to the name in the enum), moreover it dumps textures and render targets, and transforms hresults back to error codes and explanations. The code for transforming back render state values to enums was generated automatically, since I'm too lazy to do it by hand :) If you are lazy too, give it a try! I tried it with DirectX 9.0b and 9.0c, and worked well (the render states are from the 9.0b SDK). Don't tell me, I know D3DSpy, but for example, my program doesn't work with it. And sometimes it is better to include these dumps into the code, etc.. I release it because maybe you will be able to avoid the "oh, I forgot to shitch the z buffer back on" type of errors with it. If you have any suggestions, ideas, write me (you can find my email in the zip file)! Finally, you can download it here: Peter

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