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DevIL Image Saving

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Ok, I give up. The Image Library seems quite simple, and I got it to work to load jpg/png/tga files rather quickly, but for the life of me, I can't get it to save. This is an outline of my code:
ILuint  ih; // Image Handle
ILboolean  res; // Result
UINT	size; // Size in bytes of image buffer

ilGenImages(1, &ih);

// R->bpp is "bits per pixel"
size = R->Width * R->Height * (R->bpp /8);

ilSetInteger( IL_IMAGE_WIDTH, R->Width );
ilSetInteger( IL_IMAGE_HEIGHT, R->Height );
ilSetInteger( IL_IMAGE_BITS_PER_PIXEL, R->bpp );
ilSetInteger( IL_IMAGE_BPP, (R->bpp/8)); // Bytes per pixel
ilSetInteger( IL_IMAGE_SIZE_OF_DATA, size);

res = ilSetData( R->Buffer ); // Buffer where image is
res = ilSave(IL_PNG, RF->name);	// Save as PNG

ilDeleteImages(1, &ih);

R->Buffer already has the image there, from a call to glReadPixels, which succeeds, as I can save to BMPs, etc. The result of this is that the image file is saved as a 1x1 image... Also, all the values passed are correct... i don't know if i'm missing something here...

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As far as I know you can't set the width etc. using ilSetInteger - have a look at the DevIL codes...use ilTexImage instead.

Here's the code I use:

bool GuiWin32::SystemSaveImageData(const char *pszFilename, GuiImageData &sData)
// Check parameters
if (!pszFilename || !sData.pData) return true;

// Get image typ
ILenum nType;
char szEnding[64];
GetFilenameEnding(pszFilename, szEnding);
if ((nType = ilGetTypeLoad(szEnding)) == IL_TYPE_UNKNOWN)
return true; // Unkown type!

// Get the format
int nFormat;
switch (sData.nComponents) {
case 1: nFormat = IL_LUMINANCE; break;
case 3: nFormat = IL_RGB; break;
case 4: nFormat = IL_RGBA; break;
default: return true;

// DevIL variables
ILuint ImageName;

// Save the image
ilGenImages(1, &ImageName);
ilTexImage(sData.nWidth, sData.nHeight, 1, sData.nComponents, nFormat,

// Save image
ilSave(nType, (const ILstring)pszFilename);

// Check if everything was ok
ILenum PossibleError = ilGetError();
if (PossibleError != IL_NO_ERROR) {
ilDeleteImages(1, &ImageName);

return true;

// Delete image
ilDeleteImages(1, &ImageName);

return false;

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