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benjamin bunny

OpenGL Beginners: Read before posting

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Welcome to the OpenGL forum. In order to save our time and yours, there are a few guidelines you should follow before posting a question. Some of this in the Forum FAQ, but I wanted to make this clear to those who apparently haven't discovered it yet. Firstly, before asking a question, make sure it isn't already answered in the Forum FAQ before posting. The most common questions are dealt with there. If you have a question such as "Where is the latest OpenGL library?", chances are you'll find the answer in the FAQ. Secondly, as a courtesy to everyone else, make sure you read the relevant docs on MSDN or the red or blue book (see links to online versions in the Forum FAQ) before asking questions, or search the web too if appropriate. I've seen far too many questions recently that could have been be answered just by consulting the relevant page on MSDN, or looking at the first link having typed the subject line into google. Thirdly, think about the whether your question is relevant to this forum before posting. For example, if you want to know something about collision detection, and your game happens to use OpenGL, that probably doesn't make your question an OpenGL question. OpenGL is a graphics library; it's used to rasterise triangles, and hence it doesn't do collision detection. Math and Physics would be more appropriate for this type of question. As another example, we get a lot of "I copy/pasted this from NeHe and now it doesn't work" type questions here. The NeHe forum is a better place for questions that are specific to NeHe rather than OpenGL generally. I don't want to put anyone off posting here, but if new users can stick to these guidelines then it should make the forum a more productive place. [Edited by - benjamin bunny on September 30, 2004 6:19:14 PM]

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