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Owner-drawn menus

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I have a problem with my owner drawn menus. I’ve made the menus myself. I’ve set the owner-draw flags and overridden the WM_MEASUREITEM and WM_DRAWITEM messages. My problem is I still have left-over padding from the menus. My guess is I’m not calculating the menu size right. I’m calculating the menu size vie character size * string size. This is my code for WM_MEASUREITEM
	SIZE				size;
	HDC					hDC;

	hDC = GetDC( hWnd );

	GetTextExtentPoint32( hDC, ( LPCTSTR )lpMIS->itemData, 
							   lstrlen( ( LPCTSTR )lpMIS->itemData ), 
							   &size );
	lpMIS->itemWidth	= + 20;
	lpMIS->itemHeight	= + 4;

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See MSDN, about halfway down the page, for detailed info and sample code relating to owner-drawn menus. One error I see is that you're getting a DC in that function but never releasing it. I doubt that's the problem, but it is a memory leak (at least until your program terminates). Put in a call to ReleaseDC(hDC) at the end of the function.

How come you're adding 20 and 4 to the item dimensions? In the sample code at MSDN, they don't do that. That's probably what's giving you extra padding.

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Yes, I forgot to release the DC. I was adding those numbers to the item dimensions so that their would be room for the icon.

[EDIT] Removeingthe numbers doesn't do anything except cram things together.

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