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Linking SDl to proggy in MSVC++ 6.0

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sing SDL in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

To use SDL in MSVC6, download the file (if a newer version of sdl is released, look in for a newer version of this file). In that file you'll find 2 important folders (amongst the others) - include and lib. Extract all the contents from the lib folder in the zip into your MSVC6 lib folder. On my system it's: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Lib. Now create a new folder called SDL in your MSVC6 include folder and copy all the .h files from the include folder in the zip file into the newly created folder (on my system it would be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Include\SDL) AND into the include folder itself (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Include on my system).

Now in Visual C++, create a new project. Choose 'WIN32 Application' and, when prompted, select 'an empty project'. Now you need to create some .cpp file for your project. Click file->new and select 'c++ source file'. Name it 'main.cpp'. Now go to the project settings (from the menu: project->settings). Click the 'LINK' tab and add 'sdl.lib sdlmain.lib' to the end of the long line of other listed .lib files (Object/library modules). One last thing: click the 'C/C++' tab in 'Project Settings'. From the drop-down menu choose 'Code Generation'. Now select 'Multithreaded DLL' from the 'Use run-time library' drop-down menu. And you're basically all set with MSVC6. Now just code :).

gotten from here:


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