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CToolhelp and processes

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Reading a bit in Programming Application for windows ... quite advanced for my head really. Reading from MSDN on every second line of code. now I was thinking of an idea. What if I list every processes running, thats the same as TaskManager. But if I know let it run in the background, and also logging when the process start and stopp. Now then we might have a usefull tool. Big Q. This is mainly a snapshot tool, so I guess a process can start and stopp without beeing noticed of my program. I was thinking of using this tool to spot viruses, trojans, spyware etc. Can this tool (CToolhelp) really be usefull here? Can it spot EVERY processes, even hidden ones? Can it check for every start and stopp of a process? Future work from here. Since I am reading about databases, I could collect more info and put them into a database. Name of process, start/stopp, location, maybe the use of ports, etc etc ... Any comments on my lunatic idea?

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