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scrolling background game

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ballack    100
hi, i want to know how to develop a scrolling background game. i have written a few games without scrolling bg support.i have a game engine written by michael morris(using c++,win32 api) but it does not support scrolling can i get the algorithm to implement scrolling in my games. thank you very much.

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Rasmadrak    196
Have some time to think about it... what defines a game that scroll?

Everything moves in a direction, right?

Simply move everything according to a scrollvector... if you're going for a tilebased scroller, simply make the drawarea one or two tiles bigger than the playarea and use a scrolloffset to draw the tiles/units.

But this is if you write your own engine...if you're using someone's elses, I can't help you. try contacting the author.



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