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[.net] device.Lights[0].Commit()??

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Hi! I'm reading in my new bought copy of Tom Miller's book and I have already got into a problem with the light section of the book's first chapter. The code for setting up a light is, according to the book, something like this:
device.Lights[0].Type = LightType.Point;
device.Lights[0].Position = new Vector3();
device.Lights[0].Diffuse = System.Drawing.Color.White;
device.Lights[0].Attenuation0 = 0.2f;
device.Lights[0].Range = 10000.0f;
device.Lights[0].Commit(); // Commit doesn't exist!
device.Lights[0].Enabled = true;
The problem is that Light.Commit() doesn't exist! // Daniel Lännström

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[Edit: Post edited for conciseness.]

From Introducing DirectX 9.0:
The Commit method was removed from the Light class. Existing code relying on Light.Commit should be modified. Now, changes made to a Light object's properties do not take effect until Light.Update is called, or Light.Enabled is set to true.

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