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glslang multitexturing

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666_1337    122
hi. how do I specify which texture unit ( TEXTURE0_ARB, TEXTURE1_ARB, ... ) to use during glsl process? if i simply define a texture sampler by "uniform sampler2D s;" the first texture unit is used. how can i reference to another texture unit? thanks in advance

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fazekaim    118

in the fragment shader you have to define sampler2D-s like this:
uniform sampler2D basetexture;
uniform sampler2D bumptexture;

From the opengl code:
gl.glUseProgramObjectARB( normalShaderObj );
int baseTexture = gl.glGetUniformLocationARB( normalShaderObj, "basetexture".getBytes() );
gl.glUniform1iARB( baseTexture, 0 ); // 0 is GL.GL_TEXTURE0_ARB
int bumpTexture = gl.glGetUniformLocationARB( normalShaderObj, "bumptexture".getBytes() );
gl.glUniform1iARB( bumpTexture, 1 ); // 1 is GL.GL_TEXTURE1_ARB

Hopefully, this might help.

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