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Searching a folder

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Hi, i was just wondering is there a function or something that tells you what files are in a folder. So instead of having to type in a file for loading into the source. My program will search the data folder and load all of the files that are in it. Thx

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Its simple, check out FindFirstFile and FindNextFile.

Heres some code:
WIN32_FIND_DATA		FileData;
String found;

hFile = FindFirstFile("Data\\*.bmp", &FileData);
if ( INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE == hFile ) { return false; };
found = FileData.cFileName;

//To find out if a returned file name is in fact a folder do:
bool isFolder = (FileData.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY);

// To find the next file do:
if ( 0 == FindNextFile(hFile, &FileData ) ) { return false; };

// Now its just a question of looping

Hope it helped...

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