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Nice Coder

Catagorisation Of inputs for a Chatbot

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Currently i was thinking about turning polly into an information recall bot, but to do that it would need to catogorise questions, and turn it into a nice (computer-readable) little format. Something which will turn: how do u program in Directx to Cat:Question Action Kwds:Program Directx Where it can then look through the catagory "Question action" in its databace/datafile, and look until it finds something which has: 1. an entry with a 100% keyword match or 2. an entry which has the best keyword match. It would then read off the answer listed (which may include a tag causing it to update a textbox with extra information, taken off an additional data field) Is this a good cource of action/is this the "best" way to achieve this? For my catagory search loop, would something like this suffice?
for x = 0 to ubound(catagories)
for y = 0 to ubound(catagories(x).kwd)
if instr(catogories(x).kwd(y), inp) then
    function = dokwdsearch(catogories(x).keywords, inp)
    exit function
end if
next y
next x

? From, Nice coder

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