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help choosing compiler and class libraries

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which compiler/library should i use for 16-32bit isometric rpg/action programming? where can i get it and how much does it cost? (free compilers preferred!) im a student who got a hold of abook on cpp and read it all through in a week and really want to get into game programming. what is the difference between cpp and msvcpp? what are these class libraries i hear of (like borland or whatever)? and do i need them? and what is object oriented programming (and will i need it/will it help me)? ****many thanks for any answers or tips that you can provide! P.S. ARE THERE ANY QUALITY FREE COMPILERS OR CLASS LIBRARIES THAT WILL ACCOMPLISH WHAT I WANT TO DO? (isometric rpgs) P.S.S. ARE THERE ANY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES TO PROGRAMMING FOR WINDOWS (MOUSE, WINDOWS THEMSELVES, ETC.) THAT THIS TEXT BOOK WOULDNT HAVE TAUGHT ME? (ITS A 1998 MADE-FOR-SCHOOLS BOOK. AND I DON''T REMEMBER IT MENTIONING ANY WINDOWS-SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES)

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